Your carpet is one of the main elements of your home or office. In an office space, carpets are mainly used for decoration as a touch of beauty and warmth and to adhere to certain insurance policies, as they offer a non-slip surface and prevent injuries to staff members. In most of the homes, carpets are frequently used in living rooms, bedrooms etc., for essentially the same reasons. So, cleaning of your carpets is indeed necessary.

Carpet Maintenance and Prevention

The most effective approach to keep your carpet clean is prevention. The principle of prevention is simple: You simply need to identify and eliminate the many sources of dirt that infiltrate fibers. Placing carpet protectors at the entrances and exits of your home or office is the first line of defense. This approach helps in avoiding excessive accumulation of dirt. When you are at home, you need to ask visitors to remove their shoes before entering, especially during the winter.

Weekly Maintenance

Many people do not like vacuuming and as such make a serious mistake by frequently overlooking this operation during housekeeping. Use of carpet brushes is also one more common mistake. Even though using brushes is a quick and easy method, they are ineffective because they only eliminate dirt from the surface and contribute to premature wear of the carpet when they are too frequently used. Vacuuming is frequently recommended on areas with low traffic at least two times a week, and three times in areas with high traffic. Carpets with best quality should last at least a decade when maintained well. Vacuum cleaning on regular basis also improves indoor air quality while respecting the carpet warranty.

Annual Maintenance

It has been established that vacuuming has some limitations and should always be accompanied by a professional carpet cleaning service provider, to remove dirt.

To refresh the carpet’s texture and the fibers, a thorough cleaning of your home or office carpet should be carried out at least once a year, and for this, you need to hire a professional carpet cleaning service provider.


The Bottom Line

Your home or office is a reflection of you and your family or employees. So, don’t leave your carpet in a bad shape. Your carpet’s primary function is to add a touch of beauty, warmth and comfort to your home or office, minimize noise and provide more security.

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