Warehouse & Industrial  Commercial Cleaning 

We provide a wide range of comprehensive industrial, Commercial and Warehouse cleaning services. All our cleaning techniques or methods is supported by the appropriate risk assessments and safety guidelines as required, while providing the specific services needed to our customers.

At Reliable Choice Contracting Inc, we can clean your Warehouse and industrial floors, Outdoor facilities, Parking garages and much more….We can also sweep and clean your exterior grounds and parkade, with our warehouse/ industrial/road sweepers, ideal for car parks and large logistic facilities.

We also specialize in cleaning the interior of your warehouse or industrial facility to get rid of soils and dirt from all surfaces, including high ceilings or walls. We offer the most affordable and practical cleaning solution to keep your warehouse facility or manufacturing environment clean, with our labor saving ride on scrubbers or sweepers, including specialized vacuum and cleaning systems.

Our various selections of Auto scrubbers, industrial ride on scrubbers and specialized equipment, will allow you to choose a model or size that will best fit your cleaning needs for your warehouse, facility and industrial building or out doors application. We also provide ongoing exterior maintenance cleaning and sweeping of your floors, exterior grounds, parking spaces, parkade etc, with our heavy duty scrubbers and sweepers, ideal for parking garages, out door facilities, side walks, above ground parking or for big clean ups. Call us to provide you a maintenance cleaning plan at a very affordable rate.

The condition of your Warehouse or Industrial Facility could define the Health of your Organization.

It is important for businesses and companies to maintain a well defined cleaning approach, particularly for Warehouse setting and industrial facilities. The condition of your warehouse floors or facility can be easily used as a defining factor for the general health of your organization or business. Recognizing that the presentation and high cleaning standards can make such a difference, in relation to how customers perceive your business and brand.

In addition, ensuring that your Employees are working in a fresh, safe and healthy working environment gives rise to happy, industrious and stimulated staff. A cluttered or dirty space or work environment is a cluttered mind and an accident waiting to happen. In addition, proper maintenance of the interior of your facility, washrooms or exterior grounds, can drastically reduce the spread of infection and the cost of staff absence.

Reliable Choice Contracting Inc, should be your first choice for your warehouse  and industrial maintenance or exterior grounds cleaning plan, In return we can offer you:

  • A reasonable and flexible, personalized service that will fit and meet your company requirement.
  • A well tailored and managed service that will fit your timetable and work schedule, including after hours service and emergency cleans at short notice.
  • Competitive and affordable pricing and rates.
  • Superior health and safety compliance with insured and bonded personnel

Services we provide at a commercial business center, warehouse or Industrial location:

  • Commercial and industrial floor scrubbing and cleaning.
  • Decreasing and/or cleaning floors or heavy equipment and oil residue removal.
  • Facility / warehouse floor decreasing / sanitizing.
  • Carpet stem cleaning/ shampoo.
  • Cleaning of office areas and sanitation of relevant areas.
  • Dusting of Walls, high dusting of ceiling and duct work.
  • Deep Cleaning of entire facility.
  • Facility/warehouse floor sealing and refinish.
  • Power washing of Floors, walls or exterior of building.
  • Exterior grounds sweeping & cleaning, including Parking spaces or underground parking.

Fully Registered, Bonded, COR Certified and Insured

Our friendly experienced staff will provide all potential customers a free, no obligation quotation and discuss the scope of work needed for your property/project. We are WSIB/WCB registered, Bonded, COR certified with 5 million liability insurance for Commercial cleaning and Window cleaning services for High and Low rise project. Please note that our service covers all aspect of cleaning, so please contact us if you don’t see the service you require.  All Waste generated is disposed in accordance with government regulation.


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