Scratched Glass or Window Repair

Modern Technology and creativity, that involves specialized training and skills has provided us an alternative and option, whereby most scratched windows, glass, automotive windshield or glass does not need to be replaced any longer.

This Technology of fixing scratched glass or windows, has existed for many years but was not fully adopted by contractors. Window/glass manufacturing companies have been fixing defects and scratches on glass/windows for many decades now but this technology was not adopted by contactors until few year ago.

What is scratched Glass/Window Fixing About ?

Glass/Window fixing process is a polishing system, with specialized compound and tools, that removes scratches from glass and window surfaces and renew the glass or windows to its original form. As mentioned earlier in this page, this is not a new technology or process, glass/window manufacturers have been using this process to fix scratched glass surfaces for decades now.

This process will not leave any distortion on the glass surface because our technicians are very experience, with this type of repair. Our experienced technician will take care of your window/glass….and you will be surprised when you see the finished product.


Builders-Developers-Real Estate-Property Management Companies

Many buildings and residential projects with windows or glass are usually exposed to lots of debris during the process of construction. Builders are usually advised to protect or cover glass and window surfaces during construction. Unfortunately, this is not normally the case, due to cost of protecting windows or glass during construction. As a high-rise window cleaning company, it is often the case that we see a lot of scratched glass and windows prior to cleaning the windows.

Unfortunately scratches on windows or glass surfaces are not usually visible, until it is washed or cleaned. Sometimes scratches are also caused by the window cleaning companies, hired to clean the windows. This is sometimes the case when window scrapper is used on glass to remove debris, glue and concrete particles on windows, that were not protected or covered during the course construction. Scratch damage on windows is usually caused during the course of construction or window cleaning.

Scratches are also caused during the process of window installation and sometime by painters that may attempt to clean off overspray or splatters on glass or window. Scratches can also be caused by several other means or by accident or vandalism relating to graffiti etc


We can SAVE you thousands in replacement cost.

Replacement of scratched glass or windows can be extremely expensive, particularly for builder’s developers, window cleaning companies, project owners or Home owners. This could range from a few thousands to hundreds of thousands, depending on the type of damage caused. Insurance companies are particularly not cooperative, when it comes to replacement of scratched windows, because it is sometime very difficult to identify who is responsible for the damage. Windows could be scratched during construction by a host of trades or while transporting.

Builders and developers can also be blamed or bear the responsibility, due to failure of protecting the window/glass surfaces during construction. Getting a contractor to assume responsibility for scratched windows is extremely hard because other trades, contractors, the builder etc, all had some type of interaction around the windows or glass at various stages.

Reliable choice contracting glass fixing technicians, can help resolve your problem of replacing scratched windows or glass. Why would you replace, when you can pay as low as a quarter of the price of replacement to remove the scratch from the window/glass?

Removal of scratches will also depend on the extent of damage….the more the damage or scratch, the higher the repair cost will be…price range could also vary depending on the extent of the damage.


Our Range of Service

We can repair and remove scratches from glass or windows from the following surfaces:

  • Window cleaning scratch repair caused by scraper/blade.
  • Commercial scratched glass/window repair.
  • Auto glass/windshields/window scratch repair and removal.
  • All domestic/Residential/Commercial scratched window repair.
  • All Tempered glass, doors and window surface scratched glass repair.
  • Hard water stain removal on glass/window surfaces.
  • Window and glass resurfacing and restoration.
  • Glass, shower doors or enclosure surface scratch repair and hard water stain removal.
  • Patio doors scratch repair, all types
  • Glass tables scratch repair.
  • Shower door scratch repair.
  • Restaurant/Hotel/Commercial property window and glass surface scratch repair.
  • Condo sliding doors/windows scratch repair.



Because we are very sure that our Technicians will perform an excellent job, you are not required to sign a waiver as most companies performing this work will request. If we cannot do the job, you will be notified. Our goal is not to practice or improve our skills, based on you accepting liability on any additional damage caused.

Be careful with companies that ask you to sign a waiver on already scratched glass….most likely they are not sure if they can perform to expectation. We attract quality and highly trained Technicians only. Also as a registered high-rise window cleaning company, because we see damages and scratches on windows regularly, we are able to attract the right pool of trained technicians, in addition to having a large base of work and contracts, that require this type of specialized skill and service.

You might see Tutorial videos online showing you how to fix scratched windows or glass, it is not as easy as it seems, this requires many years and specialized technique to properly get the job done right. We do not recommend fixing scratches on windows or glass surfaces by yourself… is not a good idea.

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