Commercial & Residential Painting Services

24hrs Professional Painting Service

At Reliable choice contracting Inc and, providing very efficient, prompt and professional 24hrs commercial painting services, in a timely manner to all our commercial and residential customers is very important at ever stage of our service. Our friendly and uniformed professional painters are also able to answer any and all painting related questions you might have.

With several years of commercial painting experience, we understand that consistency, reliability and high quality work should be the main objective and goal of every single job or project. This is what sets us apart from other painting companies in fulfilling commercial contracts. We can either provide you a fixed quote for your entire project, either residential or commercial, or provide you with an hourly service rate for our service.

When you use our professional and high-quality painting service, you are always guaranteed high quality work or your money back. You will not need to worry about cleaning any paint droppings on your floors or any surfaces, because all areas that are not going to be painted will be covered or protected. We also complete proper clean up after the completion of our service, because we are also a commercial cleaning company. Therefore we can paint your construction or renovated project and also provide you high quality post construction cleaning services, upon completion of work.


Commercial & Residential Customers.

Fulfilling our contract obligation for all commercial and residential customers in a professional, efficient and timely manner, within the agreed time, budget or contract/work completion is always our priority.

We have continued to work with businesses, builders/developers including industrial clients for over 10 years and we are fully committed to timely completion always. We are available 24hrs including nights, to provide you the best quality painting service, regardless of your deadline…..we get the job done.

All surfaces are properly prep or primed, so that the final product you receive not only looks great but also will ensure longevity and durability of the paint job. Our service managers will visit your project and monitor ongoing work progress at every point and stage of the work. We are also insured, bonded with workers compensation. Our promise is to get your home or project painted properly, on time and right on budget !!

We understand that Home owners and business owners might sometimes just require couple of hour of service, therefore we can provide you with an hourly rate for our service, regardless of the size of your project. Furthermore, we can schedule our painting service for your project or home during the day or evening. We are available for interior and exterior painting, including commercial and residential services.


We also operate a 24 hrs Commercial interior painting service to meets your needs and whatever deadline that you might have for your project. In addition, we can get to your home or project within 24hrs of receiving your call. Our payment system is also very flexible, you can pay by cash, check or online.


Scope of our painting service.

  • Developer/Builders/new construction painting services.
  • Industrial/warehouse painting/Commercial repainting.
  • Commercial /office space painting services.
  • Residential interior or exterior painting service.
  • Commercial, Condo, stores Painting services.
  • Acoustical Ceiling Recoat.
  • Decks, Railing, Steps -Staining or painting.
  • Exterior Highrise painting and caulking services.
  • Commercial caulking services.
  • Industrial project painting.
  • Floor and Concrete epoxy coating.
  • Caulking of all gaps in trim, railings or borders.
  • Exterior Brick painting.
  • Interior and Exterior Residential & Commercial painting

Exterior of Commercial and Residential properties go through a lot of wear and tear and it is our job to ensure long-term quality painting result for your property. We have vast experience in all types and forms of interior and exterior painting and we go the extra mile to prep all exterior surfaces such as brick, wood sidings, stucco, vinyl siding, cedar shingles, wood trims etc…… before proceeding with all exterior painting job.

Proper Preparation of surfaces is the key to the success for all paint jobs for your home or commercial property. Our standard procedure is to ensure all surfaces are properly prep including Sanding, priming, power washing, caulking, filing holes produced by nails, sanding rough areas, caulking gabs in trims, etc…..


Our high-quality work and workmanship is complemented with high standard of safety standards, full liability insurance and scheduling flexibility for all our customers and projects.

Call us for all your custom painting services for your home or business, we are available to take on the task and assist you with your next project.

Types of paint used

The type of paint that will be used for your home or project will depend on the surface that require painting. Note that paint with low-VOC is usually our preferred choice. However, note that low-VOC paint will not work on all surfaces.

Having an idea about the types of paint will provide you a much better understanding about our services and the use of various paint selections. We can always select the best suited paint for your Project.

  1. Primer

Primers are not considered paint and it is either oil or water based. Depending on your project, you might decide to use the primer that matches the type of paint you will be using either oil or water based. Primer or undercoat ensures better adhesion of paint on surface, increases durability and protection for material being painted but it is not always needed in all project or painting service.

  1. Interior and Exterior paint types

Water-based paint are best suited for interior painting of your home, while oil-based paints are preferred for exterior painting because of the durability.

  1. Water based vs Solvent based paint

Oil based or solvent-based paints, contain a significantly higher level of organic solvents than water-based paints. This is usually visible right away by the smell of solvents in this type of paint, which is usually responsible for the strong smell or odour noticeable in buildings or homes that have been freshly painted. High VOC paints are also potentially hazardous for both human health and for the environment.

However, water-based paints are not also as durable as oil based and they are less shinny. Water based paint are also easily cleaned off surfaces compared to oil based paint, where paint thinners have to be used to remove oil based paint.

  1. Latex paint

This is a term or word used to describe water-based paint. Latex paint is exactly the same as water based paint

  1. Enamel paint

This is a term or word used to describe glossy or semi glossy paint due to its hardness and durability. This type of paint are usually used out doors.

  1. Acrylic paint

Acrylic paint is a fast-drying paint made of pigment suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion. Acrylic paints are water-soluble and become water-resistant when dry.

This is just another term or word for water-based house paint, but the binding ingredient in the paint is acrylic. Acrylic paint can be found in several varieties such as acrylic latex, acrylic enamel, or acrylic latex enamel. It is always a good idea to consult the labels of the paint as not all paint contains latex or acrylic despite the name. Also, the higher the shine, the more imperfections the paint will show when applied.

  1. Specialty Paints

Most paints can have additives included in it. These paints can include anti-mold and anti-mildew properties as well as fire retardants. Some paints can also have anti-condensation additives, making it popular in locations like the kitchen or cooking areas.

Fulfilling our contract and work obligation for all customers in a professional, efficient and timely manner within the agreed time, budget is always our priority. Contact us today for a Quote.