Why do you need exterior window cleaning?

It is important you clean your Windows thoroughly, so that they can remain clean and bright.

In addition, you need to ensure that your windows and frames do not get damage or stained due to exposure to the weather and climate. Furthermore, we understand that most times, if you decide on cleaning your windows by yourself, you cannot reach the high windows and you might not be aware of the proper techniques, to adapt in cleaning your windows. This is where you need the help of a professional window cleaning company to make it happen. Thankfully, like many other companies working in this field, our company also provide exterior window cleaning services at affordable rates. We are a professional company with lots of relevant experience with knowledge of all the techniques required to perform this service.  Reliable Choice Contracting Inc, is Licensed, Bonded, Insured up to $5,000,000      ( Five million Dollars ) with WSIB/WCB clearances, in addition to the highest Safety Certification- COR

Why do you need to clean your windows thoroughly…?

Obviously, the dust, grime and dirt makes the windows dirty and hence they need proper cleaning, in order not to get damaged or stained, due to absorption of mineral contents. In addition to cleaning your windows, the frames, ledges, sills etc, also need proper ongoing maintenance cleaning, to avoid staining, discoloration and damage.  We can clean all Commercial and Residential Windows and specialize in Commercial window cleaning services within the Greater Toronto Region, Ottawa, Waterloo, Calgary and Edmonton.

Our range of services includes:

  • Terraces and balconies, wall panels or glass, balcony glass railings both accessible

or non-accessible, including high risk specialized window cleaning service.

  • All Exterior windows and panels, both accessible and non-accessible, we have the tools and equipment needed.
  • Curtain walls and solariums that are difficult to clean.
  • High rise window cleaning and all Commercial store front.
  • All interior and exterior Residential and Commercial window cleaning services.
  • All interior and exterior power washing, High rise, Commercial or Residential.

Window cleaning can be a fun activity if you understand what you are doing. Just call the professionals from Reliable Choice Contracting Inc and let us know when you need this service.

We can clean your windows with our specialized window cleaning water system or with direct access, depending on the type of windows, height and type of service. With respect to windows that have not been cleaned for a long time, a specialized scrubber and cleaner is utilized to neatly clean all the stains from your windows and frames.  We also provide specialized window and frames restoration cleaning services.

We have been providing professional window cleaning service for many years and can tackle any difficult job, associated with window cleaning, frames and panels, including restoration cleaning of windows, frames and panels.

So if you are looking to hire any professionals to get your windows cleaned at a very affordable rate, you can give us a call at 1-866-533-4415, or visit our website at www.reliablechoicecontracting.ca to schedule your service.

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