High/low-Rise Window Cleaning

Book $90 Exterior Residential Window Cleaning

At Reliable Choice Contracting Inc, we have been helping organisations and businesses like yours to maintain sparkling clean windows. We know how dirty, dusty and smeared windows can become and we also know that you do not like cleaning windows, climbing ladders or hanging out of windows. It is dangerous, for starters. Furthermore, if you do manage to clean your windows, how many streaks and smears do you still have or leave behind….?

Time to call the window wizards…. Reliable Choice Contracting Inc. We leave nothing behind except sparkling glass and sparkling reviews.

Reliable Choice Contracting Inc is fully insured, bonded and our technicians trained in all aspect of safety, to ensure that no injury or damage falls on you.

Condo and Hi-Rise Window Cleaning

A typical service will include both exterior and interior window cleaning, frames and panels.

In addition, we also offer the following services:

  1. Power washing of exterior walls, glass, brick and flooring.
  2. Power washing of parking spaces, as an ongoing maintenance.
  3. Metal, aluminum, panels and frames cleaning and restoration
  4. Window Frame and Glass cleaning restoration service
  5. High rise exterior painting & caulking

Commercial & Residential Window Cleaning

  1. Interior & exterior window cleaning including frames.
  2. Store front / retail glass cleaning.
  3. Low rise, offices or retail exterior painting or caulking
  4. Sky light and curtain walls glass cleaning.
  5. Construction & renovation power washing of exterior walls, bricks & concrete.
  6. Window Frame and Glass cleaning restoration service-Link

Book $90 Exterior Residential Window Cleaning

High/Low-Rise Window Cleaning Gallery


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Are you using a Licensed, Insured and Bonded Contractor or Company?

Are you aware of the fact that, if the person providing services at your home or business is not insured or covered by WSIB/WCB (Workers compensation), you as the business, or property owner, can be held legally responsible for any injury, that occurs within your Property?

Therefore, if your current unlicensed and or unregistered window cleaner, currently providing services at your business center, building, home or warehouse for several months or years, falls off the ladder, and end up with an injury, you can be legally required to pay for the hospital bills/therapy or any other related financial losses as a result of his/her injuries. Your home/property insurance can suffer a significant blow, including financial loses from your pocked as a result of the accident.

While it’s nice to know that your current commercial liability insurance for your home or business might cover you in limited cases, where the window cleaner/contractor/staffing company damages your property, make sure you ask about worker’s compensation insurance for Ontario (WSIB ONTARIO) or in Alberta (WCB ALBERTA) when hiring any company, to perform services at your property, building or business.…. just to avoid a major long term headache and financial lose.

Note that most insurance company’s will require that all staffing company or contractors, providing services in your home, building or business, must carry general liability insurance of minimum 2 million. Therefore, you will not be covered in most cases where your staffing company or contractor damages your property or any accident related damage.

Are you also aware of the fact that Canada revenue can require you pay back money you never knew you owed..? because the cleaning contractor, service provider or workers you have been using for several years as an unlicensed company, decides he /she is tired of working for you and decides to leave but then files a claim or report….all because he or she is just upset at you for whatever reason ?…..

Note that you will regularly be considered as the employer, of the unlicensed worker/service workers/or your assumed contractor and service provider, regardless if you have any valid employment agreement or not. In this case, you will be required to pay back all statutory deduction, that you probably have not been deducting, including any applicable benefits, holidays, vacations etc through the time or years this person or workers have been providing services for you.

For your protection, as a homeowner/business, it is a BAD IDEA to allow a Staffing company, Window cleaning company  or Contractors to perform services on your property unless they are Registered, Insured and Bonded with worker’s compensation. It is your responsibility that you ask and require to see a copy….DO NOT BECOME A VICTIM !!