Condo/Apartment Balcony Glass Railing Cleaning

Reliable Choice Contracting Inc, have been helping organisations and businesses like yours to maintain sparkling clean windows. We know how dirty, dusty and smeared windows can become and we also know how, like most people, you don’t like cleaning windows, climbing ladders and hanging out of windows is just no fun! …….It is dangerous, for starters…..

Time to call the window wizards…. Reliable Choice Contracting Inc. We leave nothing behind except sparkling glass and sparkling reviews.

Reliable Choice Contracting Inc is fully Insured, Bonded with WSIB/WCB Clearances and our technicians trained in all aspect of safety, to ensure that no injury or damage is your responsibility.

A typical service will include both sides of the Balcony Glass Railing cleaning and also any associated windows, panels and frames. We can clean only your Balcony Glass Railing or include the exterior of your sliding doors and exterior glass and panels.

Please select your service below via our online ordering page, it is very simple, just select the length of your Balcony Glass Railing and add any other addition balcony window cleaning of your choice. Select payment method, your Bank account or Credit Card and let our pricing/payment automated wizard complete the job.

You can also select the day or date including the hour you will need your windows cleaned….it cannot get simpler than this…… let our price wizard and technicians do the rest..!!

In addition, we also offer the following services:

  1. Power wash of exterior walls, surfaces, brick and flooring.
  2. Power washing of parking spaces, as an ongoing maintenance.
  3. Metal, aluminum, panels and frames cleaning.
  4. Window Frame and Glass cleaning restoration service
  5. High rise Exterior Window Cleaning
  6. Commercial and Residential Window Cleaning

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