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The maintenance of concrete driveways/floors, patios, pavements, parking lots or garages, in fact anything concrete is usually minimal. However, damaging elements such as weather, salt and high traffic, deteriorates the concrete’s appearance. The concrete surface becomes dirty and discolored over time. Although concrete is strong and solid, its porous nature can absorb water, chloride and other oil based fluids, that can stain and corrode concrete floors.

Seal the deal

Reliable Choice Contracting Inc, offer concrete sealing service to tackle new, dirty or stained concrete and we can give your concrete flooring a complete make over. Specialized sealants applied to the concrete surface, penetrate the concrete, forming a barrier to prevent fluids and even oil from seeping in. Our concrete sealing service not only transforms your concrete but will also extend its life by many years.

There is an abundance of chemical sealers in the market, most sharing the same pitfalls – poor penetration and poor longevity.

Here at Reliable Choice Contracting Inc, we have tried and tested sealers of differing qualities and will only use high quality grade. In addition, sealers are available with various characteristics that are used only for certain applications and it is important that these features are considered.

Let us explain.

There are two types of sealer – Topical sealers (or coatings) and penetrating sealers (or impregnators). In a nutshell, coatings will enhance the appearance of the concrete more than the penetrating sealers and although both provide protection, penetrating sealers tend to have a longer lifespan and are ideal for safeguarding against water and freeze/thaw areas.

Both types of sealer are available in a water-based and solvent-based formula. When working indoors, it is preferable to use a water-based formula, because the solvent-based sealers are flammable and hazardous to breath.

Acrylic Sealers

Forming a topical barrier on the surface, acrylic sealers are affordable and easy to apply with the ability to both enhance and protect concrete. As they are at the lower end of any budget, they will require on going regular maintenance and additional application. They are predominantly used for decorative applications or as curing agents for new concrete.

Epoxy and Urethane Systems

Also forming a topical finish, the Epoxy system shares many of same features as acrylic sealers but its resistance, anti-corrosion properties and lifespan are far superior. This system is generally applied only to fully cured concrete in reasonable conditions, although the 100% solid Epoxy floor coating can be used as a curing agent.

Types of Epoxy Floor Coatings

  • Water-based Epoxy floor coatings are user-friendly giving a glossy finish and can be used in most applications such as automotive, industrial, residential and commercial.
  • Solvent-based Epoxy floor coatings must not be used indoors nor where there is an open flame. They are used for cooler temperatures or high humidity.
  • 100% solid Epoxy floor coatings are the most durable of all sealers, with a lifespan of up to 15 years and are used in demanding applications, where there is heavy traffic such as factory and garage floors. In addition, the coatings come in a wide variety of colours and tints, to bring the concrete back to life and to enhance the appearance.

In summary, each type of sealer has its own value, depending on the application. Topical sealers or coatings generally require regular upkeep but the enhancement qualities makes it the better choice, where visual appeal is paramount. Where long-lasting, low maintenance is required, penetrative sealers or the high-end Epoxy coatings are better equipped. For indoor applications, always use water based formulas. At the high end of the budget range and considered the best in the industry is the 100% solid Epoxy floor coating. Despite its short term expense, in the long run, you will save time and money.

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