Concrete Polishing

Floors are made for walking’…

Reliable Choice Contracting Inc, is the company you can trust to add a glistening finish to your concrete flooring. Concrete flooring is renowned for its resilience and strength rather than for any visual appeal….Now we can change that.

Many customers in retail, warehouse and office facilities are opting for polished concrete floors as an alternative to conventional Concrete Sealing. Once concrete is polished, not only is it eye-catching but it becomes stronger and less porous to stains and discoloration. In addition, its highly reflective sheen reduces the need for unnecessary lighting and improves natural light dispersal. 

How is polished concrete achieved?

In short, we finely grind and remove the top surface of the concrete using diamond grinding wheels and add a water-based hardener to the porous surface, that reacts with the pores to reinforce the new surface layer. This results in permanent dust proofing which reduces and allergy problems as well as resistance to discoloration and very good protection against damage

What is there not to like…..?

After this process, we use resin-bonded diamond pads to further polish the surface, providing additional luster and shine. This can be achieved in one of three ways:

  • 3000 grit resin bond diamond will produce a high gloss finish.
  • 1,500 grit resin bond diamond will produces a semi-gloss finish.
  • 800 grit resin bond diamond will produces a satin finish.

We also recommend applying a water-based polymer floor enhancer. This will seal the surface, further enhancing the sheen and the protective barrier against pollutants and abrasion.

Coat of many colors

Add some color, don’t limit yourself to the traditional grey. Often tints or dyes are used in the polishing to enrich the look of the final result. This can be done in various ways. First is the use of an integral coloring mixture that even out any worn or faded areas. A second option is to use a dye from an eclectic and lustrous color palette and complementary edge tint. Other coloring methods include stains to deepen existing colours or the use of the wonderful shake-on colors.

At a glance benefits….

So why choose polished concrete flooring over conventional coated concrete flooring, tiles or vinyl?

  • A sustainable green alternative to coated floorings. The sealers that are often applied to concrete contain harmful substances and have a harmful effect on the environment. Polished concrete is the floor standard of choice in LEED Certification and a standard of the Canadian Green Building Counsel.
  • Savings in energy. A mechanically polished concrete floor eliminates the energy and materials consumed, by applying a regular chemical floor covering. In addition, an exposed polished concrete floor has a high thermal mass, which means it absorbs significant amounts of heat energy slowly, holding it for long periods of time before releasing it. This moderates indoor temperatures and reduces heating and cooling requirements.
  • Offers unbeatable durability even compared to Epoxy coated flooring, and an unlimited lifespan.
  • Low maintenance and cost effective. No more expensive and periodic stripping, sealing, waxing or coating: polished concrete is functional and hard-wearing. Your budget will benefit in the long term. It is easy to clean – regular sweeping to remove any dirt followed by a damp mop with a neutral cleaner.
  • It’s a safe bet. The natural porosity of polished concrete allows it to breathe and resist moisture. Its relatively high coefficient of friction, along with the flat surface that grinding produces, provides a safe flooring option, dry or wet. Cleaning is essential and any surface can become slippery if not properly maintained.
  • Aesthetically appealing and a great alternative for businesses and homeowners, looking for a beautiful, mirror-like finish on their floors.
  • Suitable for most new and existing concrete as long as it meets certain specifications such as its hardness and overall condition and flatness especially at the edges. We are happy to advise if possible on the suitability of your existing concrete.

Leave the hard work to Reliable Choice Contracting Inc and use our Polished Concrete Service. You choose the effect, colour and finish you want and let us do the rest. It’s never been easier…book your appointment today with one of our friendly specialists, we can guide you through the process.

We can also offer polished concrete maintenance service. The shine can fade over time, especially in high traffic areas or if the floor isn’t swept at regular intervals since any grit brought in from outside has a sandpaper effect, eroding the glossy sheen. Contact us if your polished concrete floor lacks its original lustre and you would like us to restore it to its original finish.

Please be aware that grinding and polishing using the highest degree of shine (3000 grits) exceeds the (OSHA) Occupational Safety and Health Administration and (ADA) Americans with Disability Act for Coefficient of Friction and Slip Resistance Standard.

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