Commercial and Janitorial Services

Reliable Choice is our name…and our promise. We offer a tailored cleaning solution to meet every need and budget, so that you understand that you have made a reliable choice. We provide a wide range of cleaning services, ranging from commercial properties, facilities, industrial and Restaurant cleaning.

Everything Counts

Not only do we clean everything…. As in everywhere, there is a breeding ground for bacteria. We also specialize in restaurant commercial cleaning, such as kitchens and food preparation location and adhere to strict government regulation and compliance with existing legislation. The reputation of your business can be severely effected and have adverse effect on profitability and your reputation, if you fail to meet sanitary standard or food hygiene regulation… This can also lead to fines and closure of your  business. Daily cleaning and maintenance, including deep cleaning services, is required in order to eliminate harmful bacteria.

Our trained specialist can clean all your walls, ceiling, kitchen fittings and all equipment in order to comply with food and hygiene safety regulation. The impact of bacteria on the workplace can cost a business money. Your restroom could have fewer bacteria than your own dirty keyboard or your restaurant kitchen…! . Superficial cleaning or practices potentially cost your business thousands of dollars each year.

We can clean the following and more!!

  • Medical office
  • Kitchen and Restaurant
  • Real estate offices
  • Warehouses
  • Business suites and banks
  • Industrial and corporate offices
  • Industrial manufacturing facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Retail locations
  • New construction
  • And much more….

How can we help you….. Reliable Choice Contracting Inc, can save  you money.

We can combine our different cleaning services to provide a one-stop shop for your cleaning needs. This means you have just one company delivering your interior cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor buffing or power washing as well as interior window cleaning…..Saving YOU time and money.


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