Commercial Janitorial Cleaning & Staffing Services

We offer a tailored commercial cleaning solution to meet every need and budget, so that you understand that you have made a reliable choice. We provide a wide range of cleaning services, ranging from Commercial properties, Residential homes, Facilities, Industrial, Warehouses and Restaurant cleaning.

We  also specialize in providing cleaning and environmental sanitation workers for our clients. From short assignments to full-time contracts, we do it all for you. Our goal is to bring together cleaners and sanitation workers, to meet potential employers, in order to build permanent and strong employment relationship. We send our workers/employees to you and just pay us for our cleaning service.

In addition, we provide all the tools, equipment and specialized cleaning product. You can also select your cleaning and sanitizing product from our specialized list of high quality cleaners and disinfectants, such as Eco friendly products, unscented products, hospital and medical disinfectants, warehouse and factory degreasers, Restaurant specialized cleaning products and degreasers, Veterinary specialized cleaners and disinfectants etc….

Our service promotion….$20.00 per hr ( Janitorial & Staffing Cleaning )

As a commercial cleaning company, with over 15yrs of experience, our goal is to build commitments that help our employees in seeking a proper job and our customers to get the perfect staff for the job role. We know it is hard to find workers in today’s digital world, where everyone is opting for technology. With a keen interest to provide our clients with honest and reliable cleaning Staff, we tactfully select candidates that are most skilled for the desired job role.

We service all type of customers ranging from Home owners that just require one of our staff to clean for the day, Property management companies that may require a few hrs, couple days of service or contract cleaning services, factories or food production plant that require our service to clean and sanitize equipment, floors and surfaces, Medial clinics or Veterinary hospitals that require detail cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, Builder and developers requesting post construction cleaning services & labour services or warehouses that require ongoing or short term cleaning services…we are here to meet your needs.

Everything Counts

Not only do we clean everything…. As in everywhere, there is a breeding ground for bacteria. We also specialize in commercial kitchen and food manufacturing plant cleaning and adhere to strict government regulation and compliance with existing legislation. The reputation of your business can be severely effected and have adverse effect on profitability and your reputation, if you fail to meet sanitary standard or food hygiene regulation… This can also lead to fines and closure of your  business. Daily cleaning and maintenance, including deep cleaning and sanitization services, is required in order to eliminate harmful bacteria.

Our trained specialist can clean all your walls, ceiling, kitchen fittings and all equipment in order to comply with food and hygiene safety regulation. The impact of bacteria on the workplace can cost a business money. Your restroom could have fewer bacteria than your dirty keyboard or your restaurant kitchen…! . Superficial cleaning or practices potentially cost your business thousands of dollars each year.

We can clean the following and more!!

  • Medical office
  • Kitchen and Restaurant
  • Real estate offices
  • Warehouses
  • Business suites and banks
  • Industrial and corporate offices
  • Industrial manufacturing facilities/plants
  • Commercial Restaurants
  • Retail locations
  • New construction
  • And much more….

Reliable Choice Contracting Inc can save  you money !!….We are also Insured, Bonded with Workers Compensation.

We can combine our different cleaning services to provide you a one-stop shop for your cleaning needs. This means you have just one company delivering your interior cleaning, floor and tile cleaning services, ongoing maintenance cleaning, industrial and facility cleaning services, as well as your interior and exterior window cleaning…For your protection, as a homeowner/business, it is a BAD IDEA to allow a staffing company, cleaners or contractors to perform services on your property unless they have Insurance, Bonded and with worker’s compensation. It is your responsibility that you ask and require to see a copy.

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