Chandelier Cleaning Procedure

If you feel maintaining the chandeliers at your house or office is quite a daunting task, you should not feel you are alone. Now you can benefit from chandelier cleaning service available on the Web. Indeed, chandeliers are very difficult to reach, clean and disassemble because of quite complex and risky electrical components.

Typically, we clean chandeliers once a year and in some places more frequently. In this article, I am gong to present some helpful options for safely caring for your chandelier.

Option # 1: Hand Cleaning

Hand cleaning is the most commonly used option. The main reason behind this is that this option is low-cost because you can do it easily at your home. Behold the following steps of proper hand cleaning:

  • Documentation in the form of pictures of every single crystal elements is necessary before removing
  • Proper removal of each crystal part (required ladders or scaffolding depending on height)
  • Use of proper chandelier cleaning liquid for the best result (few drops) to wash each crystal part in hot water.
  • Cleaning in de-ionized or treated water
  • Drying by placing on a soft cloth (use microfiber cloth for hand drying to remove remaining spots)
  • Reinstallation of sparkling, cleaned crystals by using gloves made of cotton to avoid smudge made by dirty fingers.
  • Fix with wires to hold crystals for safety purposes.
  • Align every single crystal part.

A chandelier with average size can have thousands of crystal parts; hence you need to spend additional time to clean by hand in the proper manner.

Option # 2: Chandelier Cleaning Service Providers

You can also find chandelier cleaning service providers that have disassembling and hand cleaning expertise. When you choose a chandelier cleaning service provider, you need to ensure that:

  • The company is insured with WSIB/WCB clearances.
  • The provider avoids hazardous chemicals
  • The service provider has many years of experience in the field of operation.
  • The company has highly skilled team to complete the cleaning job very efficiently.
  • The company and its team take the responsibility for work completed.

Option 3: Chandelier Cleaning Technologies

The third and last option is cleaning through latest and state-of-the-art technologies, which include sound waves and a modified atomizer system. Explore the following core benefits of these technologies:

  • These are free from chemicals and do not impair your chandelier.
  • These technologies can clean all style of chandelier and quite faster than the hand cleaning option.
  • The touch-less system of this new technology can safely eliminate breakage of your chandelier, resulting from frequent handling.
  • The touch-less feature of the systems can properly eliminate stretching of pins due to too much handling of crystals.
  • The innovative and latest equipment accesses even those parts of your chandelier that can’t be reached by your hands.

Whichever chandelier cleaning option you prefer, the ultimate result should be an eye-popping chandelier.

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